Colours and colour matching

So here’s the disclaimer: Printed colours may vary slightly from those in your artwork.

For most orders the colours print as expected. Lets not panic, that red flower in your design won’t suddenly come out our printer grey, but every so often we hit a colour that goes astray from what the customer expected.  You know, that particularly shade of blue might become a slightly different shade of blue.  For a lot of people this slight change wouldn’t be a problem, but occasionally those specific colours used in the artwork are absolutely crucial and simply must print exactly the same.

Briefly, this is simply because monitors are displaying RGB colours and our printers are printing CMYK.  Even if you work in CMYK your monitor may display these slightly differently from how our printers interpret and print them.  This is because every device (your monitor, the software, our printers) is configured with different colour profiles which determine how it produces or displays those colours.  We keep everything uniform in house by configurating everything to use the sample profile.  But all this can go awry when introducing artwork from an outside source.

What’s the answer?

If the colours of your design need to be a 100% match, either ask us about our colour matching service (you will need to send us a hard copy of the colour in question in the post i.e. a leaflet, business card etc), or ask us about adding a printed proof to your order so that you can check you are happy with the colours before we proceed with printing the whole order.